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Our Mission

about us

We believe in unlocking the full potential of cannabis.

Our mission is to improve cannabis for medical patients everywhere.

Breeding with Intention
Our Approach

Our breeding program is designed with therapeutic effects in mind.

Whether it be the sedative effects of a strong OG, the cerebral effects of a Haze, or the pain relieving properties of CBD dominant cultivars, there is a purpose and goal behind what and why behind the scenes at RX. We’re constantly researching, learning, and refining the program as new information becomes available.

It's about the patients
Our Mission

We want to improve the quality of life and ease the suffering of medical cannabis patients.

We understand how debilitating severe medical conditions can be, and want to help. Our goal is to develop cultivars that work more effectively against specific conditions that are known to be treatable by medical cannabis than currently exist.


Who Is RX Biosciences?

Would you like to know more about who we are and what we're working on? We've prepared this video to help explain.

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Popular Questions

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No. RX is an intellectual property creation and licensing entity. No cannabis flower is sold by RX.

At this time, for legal reasons, clones and seeds of RX strains and cultivars are only available to licensed California cultivators.

Please email sales@rxbioscienc.es for licensing information.

Sorry. Due to federal and state law, seeds and clones must stay within California state.

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